Australia is rapidly emerging as one of the leading international wine markets, with wines from across the globe featuring prominently in top hotels, restaurants and retailers across this vast continent. At the same time, domestically produced Australian premium wines have steadily made inroads on the world stage. We accordingly believe that the timing is perfect for Australia’s first truly international wine competition. Our objectives are to benchmark premium Australian wines and their international counterparts, and to generally increase awareness, understanding and demand in Australia and internationally for wines which combine quality and value. 


All wines will be tasted blind. Flights will reflect recommended retail price bracket, and as far as possible the same variety/style of wine, thus giving every entry the best possible chance of success and giving maximum credit to both quality and value. Our philosophy is that every wine (regardless of variety, price, region of origin, etc.) has the potential to be a winner!


* Bronze medal – a commercially acceptable wine which has no flaws and shows varietal/regional character. 

* Silver medal – an excellent wine showing structure, complexity, texture and balance. 

* Gold medal – a wine which is the perfect role model of its genre. 

* Platinum medal – the ultimate expression of perfection 

* Trophy awards – on the last day of tasting, all wines which received Gold and Platinum awards will be retasted to select Best of Category:


Australian Sparkling

Australian White

Australian Red
New World White
Old World White
New World Red
Old World Red
Best of Region
Best of Show
Winery of the Year
Best Organic/Biodynamic
Winemaker of the Year
Best Distributor


Achieving an award in our competition is in itself a major feat! – our judging and awards have international recognition. In addition, however, we will promote award winning wines through the following activities: * Medal logo – these can be downloaded at no cost for use in Australia and internationally. 

* Results will be announced on our website and in a special feature in our media partner’s publication Gourmet Traveller Wine. 

* Trophy awards will be announced and made at a special ceremony after the event. 

* Trade and consumer events featuring AIWC wines will be held in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide throughout the year. These will include an auction of award winning wines. 

* Special mention of wines seeking distribution in any state of Australia will be made in our website/published material and in special events. 


Left over wines will be used to raise funds for Wine into Water (an NPO which over the years has built approximately 150 wells in Cambodia bringing everyday drinking water to about 5,000 people who do not have access to it) and Sala Bai Hotel School (an Australia-based charity which gives training to disadvantaged young adults in Cambodia so that they can find positions in Cambodia’s burgeoning hotel/tourist industry). 


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